Users trust us with access to their emails. So we take data security and user privacy very seriously. With ContactRescue, you never have to worry about your personal data.

You control your email account

While we require Google and Outlook authentication to access and enhance your emails, you can always revoke these permissions.

We never have access to your passwords.

Your emails are secure and private

  • Your emails remain on your servers throughout the contact extraction process.

  • In 24 to 48 hours, we analyze email signatures and headers to extract relevant information.

  • We employ technical and physical safeguards, like firewalls, to protect your privacy.

End to end encryption

We use secure socket layer (“SSL”) or other encryption technology when transmitting your personal information between your system and ours.

Servers and staff

  • Our carefully selected data centers are located in secure buildings located away from major cities and outfitted with extensive perimeter controls.

  • Our staff is rigorously vetted and only a handful of our senior engineers have access to system servers.

  • Access to all resources requires two-factor authentication.